Friday, June 30, 2017

Rosegal clothing, price vs quality

I ordered from Rosegal for the first time on May 5th 2017.  I ordered 2 tops in sizes 5XL because I trusted their size charts and I wanted to take no chances.  But I usually wear size 3XL.
I waited a whole month, but I knew I would have to wait for quite some time because China is really far from Quebec. But today was one h... of a happy day.  It finally happened and it arrived.
But in 2 parts.

Check the top I received, First I'm sorry I am not in the top, simply because I am very camera shy.

The other one is in Ontario and will be making it to me tomorrow.
So From China to me it took about 1 month which is the normal timing. I know this because I own 3 shops on Etsy and since I do my bit of shipping around the world and shipping can be fast or slow depending where you live.
The first top is a bit too big though. But since I sew, I will be taking it in myself, because I don't want to pay for shipping for sending it back, won't be worth it.

But when I order another item next time, depending on the look, I will choose a 3XL or even a 4XL.
I hope the other top will fit better.
And the thing they say: "True to size", better believe it.
I'm a size 3XL and I bought a 5XL just to be safe and it is too big, so that is why I have to take my top in.
But the way the tops are designed some can be wider and still fit. But depending on the design, some need to be tighter to be better looking even if you have a bigger body.
Cehck out the time I wrotee about a bit about the Rosegal site and all sizes HERE.

After all this blah blah blah, I just want to say. Maybe it isn' high quality clothing, but in today's conjoncture, nobod has any extra money to spare.  So my little family and I, aren't rich and after finding this site we are very happy with our first purchase,And the price vs quality has been approved by all. 

Thank you all for dropping by today

God bless you all.

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