Sunday, January 29, 2017

Health Problems and being amongst friends, You!

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I know, 
I know, I know,
But what can I say, 
I'am a very sick person.
That is why I put an end to my other very hectic blog.
Starting this one, I put a lot of thinking in it also.
But I do enjoy blogging and blogging to an audience 
I can come to trust and even call some friends.

But I can get so sick at times and /or so tired that I can go days/weeks without being able to write or do anything that it pains me to leave you my friends without even a note.
But now today I don't feel very strong since I am coming out of 2 weeks of pure pain from Fibromyalgia & back pain that I could almost not walk or do much of  anything.

But most of all talking about it to sure does feel good.
Until then see you next time

God Bless you

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