Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Keep your hands warm with handmade mittens from Recupefashion

We live in Quebec, Canada and we're having a big snowstorm as 
I'm writing this post.

We know how it is important to keep warm when we go
 outside to shovel the snow.  I have made some beautiful 
felted sweater mittens with hand knitted/crocheted wrists, 
and they are in the shop as I'm writing this.
You can see them at the top of what I'm writing.

I also posted some very pretty upcycled fleece mittens too.

I do hope you will go and check them out .
Simply click here. 
These are made to fit Small and medium hands and so women and teens 
can wear them.
I own a pair of the fleece mittens and I can tell you honestly that these mittens are the warmest I've ever worn.
Not because I make them, but because it's the truth.
I take long walks with my husband and our dogs and we both wear these mittens, and we cannot believe that we can finally have warm hand,s even after 1 hour or 2 walk outside here, up north, where the winters are freaking cold in Quebec, Canada.

This is not a sales pitch but just the plain truth.

Please let me know  in the comments, where you live, and if it is cold in the winter.
I would really love to read about that.

Well that is all for today,  hope you guys make it safe home tonight.
Because it looks like hell here outside.
God bless you

Have a great day.