Hello there,

I'm 50 years old and I've been into recycling pretty much all my life.
After 3 major back surgeries and Fybromyalgia, which both left me pretty crippled,I just had to turn around and make a living from home and from what I did best.
Eco-recycling anything and everything.
So this is how Recupefashion was born.
I sell Eco-Accessories and Gifts for pretty much everyone except little ones.

I love my dogs and cats and I've been married to a wonderful guy for the past 25 years .  We have 3 beautiful children which have all flown the nest.
I have 3 shops on Etsy so I am pretty busy.
I am also a sick person so my time is quite limited which is why my posts will be few a week, sadly.  But I will try my utmost best to write more often. but my body doesn't work as well as it use to be.

Hope you will join along.

God Bless you all.

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