Friday, September 23, 2016

Skin Authority Beauty Infusion Swertia Chirata Review & Givaway

We're always looking for that next product for our face skin to be the one, to be the one to erase all wrinkles , or all lines from our faces.
I 51 years old and I have a few lines which I would like to plump up, and my lip contour could use a little help.  But my daughter still tells me I have no wrinkles compared to others. But she is 25 years old, can I still say the truth comes out from our children's mouth?  Maybe.

But today I want to tell you about a wonderful product I have found through reviewing.  It is called Skin Authority Beauty Infusion Swertia Chirata and I must say I absolutely love it.

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I fell in love with this product mainly for it's easiness of application and fastness of penetration on the skin.  I have been trying out this beauty product for the past 3 weeks which is about the time I like to try out products, so I have ample time to test, like or dislike and give my humble opinion.
I must say I am impress with this beauty product.

I love the richness of the serum. I love how it feels on my skin and what it does to my wrinkles after this whole tryout. My wrinkles have
slightly diminished, and at 51 years old, I would say that is great. So I will be keeping on using the product.
This is an anti-aging serum for vertical wrinkles. Only a few drops are needed every application so a little goes a long way.
You simply add a few drops to your favourite foundation, skin care product or directly as a skin primer.
Swertia Chirata is an Himalaya native gentian herb to help improve the look of vertical lines, lip contour and skin roughness.

 Non-greasy natural base oil blend absorbs quickly.
 Swertia Chirata from the gentian herb active naturals to restore the youthful look and texture of complexion.
This product uses no parabens, dyes, fragrance, gluten or animal testing.

 Here are the key ingredients:

Swertia Chirata, Gorgonia, Ayssinian, Meadowfoam, Avocado, and Vitamin E

Goes for $49,00 which I think is a fairly good price for a beauty product. 

This is also an Eco-Friendly and organic beauty product which makes an absolute must on your shopping list and why not on your Christmas list?

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What about you, have you ever used this Skin Authority Beauty Infusion
Swertia Chirata?   And if not what is your favourite face product for wrinkles?

Thank you all for stopping by today to read this post.

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