Thursday, November 24, 2016

Snowy day in Quebec

It's a beautiful day here in St-Calixte, Quebec.
It's been snowing for the past 4 hours and it's the second time that it's been snowing.
This is what I see from my studio.
I feel so lucky and blessed.
But I haven't been feeling this way sadly lately.
Might as well tell you guys.  After all the medical problems I have been through in the past 10 years, I have been very depressed and I've been feeling, well a bit suicidal.
I have been feeling ashamed to put it down into writing in front of all of you feeling scared to be judged.  But I read somewhere that it was good to write and I also read about someone who was writing about his depression online and it made him feel much better.
There were many people reading, no let me rephrase this. 
There probably are more people reading then people leaving comments.

I think that people are scared of leaving comments.
But if you leave constructive comments that is wonderful for the person and it can even help him or her.
I know this is a crafting and review blog and not a depression blog, but I wanted you guys to know why I had left you alone for so long. There was also the death of my grand-mother with whom I was very close to and my mother in law which I wrote about Here, and then I fell ill again so that wasn't to help at all.
But I'm trying to get on track again with some new items in the shop and we also adopted a new dog which needed a new family.  That also helps a bit.
It's an American Bulldog, she's got the sweetest face.

Her name is Maggy,
She's 2 years old, is very gentle and quiet. A very different character from my very busy Husky
But the funny thing is they are getting along great and becoming best friends.
The thing with Maggy is that she is scared of everything.  She has never played with other dogs or any dog toys.
I mean she was never stimulated with dog toys or anything canine wise. She has never been socialised either.  She is clean in the house which completely surprises me because she doesn't respond to any simple commands such as sit, lie down, get up, give your paw or anything like that, but one thing is for certain she is one very stubborn dog and that comes with the breed I've read.  And one more thing, she loves women but is scared stiff of men. She tolerates my husband but he is working hard as hell to win her over. They say she has never been beaten but we kinda guess the opposite.  Anyways for now we give her love and affection which she gives back.  But for commands, it'll have to wait for sometime.

I am also waiting on a great new skin product from the company LaNeige face masks which should get here in the next 2 weeks or so.  I will be reviewing about 3 face masks supposedly so the spokeswoman said to me, and I will be asking her about a giveaway.
I will be letting you so about it very soon.
I am very anxious about giving those a try.  This sure lifts my spirits up
This is also hard to get reviewing products with a new blog.

So on this I will let you go for now.
HAve a great day and God bless you
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