Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pillow box tutorial

A tutorial for a pillow box by Nathalie Brault from

I got this idea a couple of years back because I got fed up of throwing so many toilet paper rolls.  Mainly I try to recycle as much as I can.
And I came up with this idea after seeing a tutorial of how to make a pillow box from scratch and I thought that TP rolls would be half the work done.

These pilou boxes are great way to offer gifted presents to the ones you love or friends and also to wrap your sold items to send to your customers if they accept recycled wrappings. I know most of them now do.  It’s less expensive.
You can decorate them to your business colors and put your logo on them.

Step 1-
Here’s what you will need to make your own pillow box:
-Toilet paper roll
-pointy instrument or bone folder
-crafty paper
-round object (like a glass or bowl)
-glue stick

Step 2-

Take your toilet paper roll and your pointy object or bone folder and trace around at the end of the TP roll, like in the picture below and cut of the exterior part.


Then take your round object and do the same thing but in reverse, trace around on the inside.
It will be to fold in and close the edges so the goodies don’t come out.

Step 4-
Now fold in the edges where you traced the lines, you will find that they fold in quite easily.

Step 5-
Now decorate your pillow box with your craft paper and ribbons, and voilĂ , ready for your goodies and ready for gifting or off to your customers.!!!

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