Monday, September 19, 2011

Black bean and squash chili, fall goodness

Good morning, it's a beautiful day today outside.
I want to tell you what I did on the weekend.
Well I live in Quebec, Canada and we had ground frost on Friday night so I had to cover my beets, swiss chard and leeks.  But I did bring some beets and swiss chard in.
So I blanched some shiss chard leaves and froze them in portions so we can use them later on.  I also cut up the branches and forze those up too, to use them in stews and soups.
And the beets and cut up the branches to feed my guinea pigs and keep the leaves for us to eat immediately like spinach.
And then on Saturday around noon I took out my Crockpot and decided to cook up a delicious black bean and butternut squash chili.  A recipe I found while visiting this blog called Frugal in WV.
That is where I found the link to this recipe.

And let me tell you with fall at our doors and cooler temps hitting us around here, it is good to have heartier meals to warm us up. 
here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what it takes and looks like, there will be a link to the recipe at the end.
The Ingredients for the chili.

Once the ingredients are all cut up and in the crock pot.

Once the chili is cooked and ready to eat, ti smells so good.

For the recipe go to
And by the way it reheats very well.

One more thing I did that day for my daughter to boost up her spirit,
I cook her a batch of strawberry and raspberry jam.

Nothing too complicated though, I had a bag of each frozen fruits in my freezer.
So I cooked both with a bit of sugar. 
And voilĂ ! Before you know it I had 2 jars of homemade jams for her, nothing tastes better and it soothes the soul.  She works so hard, she works all weekend and goes to college all week.
She was really happy when she got home after work.

So it was a good day all in all and then I went outside to take in some rays.
And you, what did you do on the weekend?


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